About Us

CHESS (Christian Home Education Support System) has been hosting an annual homeschool prom within 50 miles of Nashville, TN ever since 2020.  Our proms have been attended by up to 150 teens per year.  We were "baptized by fire" since our very first prom coincided with the height of the COVID pandemic.  That prom was hosted at EPIC Event Centre in Gallatin.  In consideration of ongoing concerns surrounding the COVID pandemic, our next prom in 2021 was hosted at Triple Creek Park's largest outdoor pavilion.  In 2022, our prom was held at the Millersville Community Center.  And finally, in 2023, we moved to our permanent prom home -- the venue that had been our goal from the outset: The Opryland Resort & Convention Center.   


CHESS has no formal affiliation with any co-op, tutorial, or other established group.  Our mission is to "fill in the gaps" with those things that other such organizations either can't provide or would have to charge considerably more to provide at the same quality that we can offer as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3).


More specifically, our "room rental" is actually a food & beverage minimum.  In our case, that minimum is $17,640.  Even if we were to sell all 200 dinner tickets at $75 each and all 50 general admission tickets at $60 each, we would only collect $18,000 before deducting ticketing and payment processing fees.  And remember, we offer dinner tickets as low as $50 each (which is lower than our tax-free cost per meal!) and general admission tickets as low as $35 each (which is considerably lower than our tax-free cost per person without a meal!).  On top of the $17,640 we'll be paying to the hotel, we still have to pay a DJ, multiple photographers, and possibly a balloon artist.  And of course we mustn't forget the decor and its storage or the mandatory event insurance and security fees!  (Did you know that the hotel doesn't supply any table or chair coverings or even any extension cords or gaffer tape?)


So as you can see, all in all, this event will cost us a minimum of >$30,000 . . . of which we stand to collect a maximum of <$18,000 in ticket revenue.


We are committed to...

  • always capping our ticket prices at no more than 75% of our actual tax-free cost-per-person.
  • maintaining or enhancing the quality of offerings from year to year.  (We achieve this by storing anything and everything that is reusable.)
  • not requiring "traditional" fundraising.

In order to continue offering this prom under those conditions, we need as many families as possible to enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards program with CHESS as the beneficiary.