We're returning to the Gaylord Opryland Resort for our 5th annual homeschool prom. 


Last year, we had 150 attendees in Delta A/B.  This year, we expect to have up to 250 attendees in Canal A/B/C/D.*


Trust us when we say that this will be the Nashville area homeschool prom your teen(s) won't want to miss!


*Although this is the space named in our contract, the venue only guarantees generic space(s) suitable for accommodating the anticipated occupancy.  This protects the venue in the event that unforeseen circumstances (e.g., flooding, electrical issues, emergency maintenance repairs, etc.) preclude having guests in any given space(s).


Transfer a Ticket


Two ticket categories:

  1. Dinner
    • Three-course plated table service meal
    • Snacks
    • Unlimited tea, punch, lemonade, and water
    • Professional portrait
  2. General Admission
    • Snacks
    • Unlimited tea, punch, lemonade, and water
    • Professional portrait

Two ticket sub-categories:

  1. Student
    • Date of Birth between 09/01/05 and 09/01/09
    • Currently homeschooled according to the laws of his/her state of residence
  2. Companion
    • Date of Birth between 09/01/03 and 09/01/09
    • NOT currently homeschooled
    • No more than one Companion per Student

Before checking out, please verify that there are no $0 "tickets" in your shopping cart.

Any and all such "tickets" will be administratively voided, and the person whose information was provided on that ticket's purchase form will not be admitted. 



Access "Fundraiser" Tickets

Designated Group Purchaser


Four ticket types:

  1. Student Dinner = $75
  2. Companion Dinner = $75
  3. Student General Admission = $60*
  4. Companion General Admission = $60*

*All General Admission ticket prices will increase by $10 in the final two (2) weeks of ticket sales.



Fundraiser (Kroger Community Rewards) Tickets* =

  • $20 off before January 1st
  • $10 off on or after January 1st 

Group of 10+ = $5 off

  • NO limit!
  • Applies to ANY combination of tickets!

*The Kroger Community Rewards discount takes the form of hidden reduced-price tickets that are only revealed with a custom single-use passcode that we provide after verifying proper enrollment in the program.  This discount is applicable to a maximum of two (2) tickets per household. 



Discounts are stackable!


Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards before January 1st, gather a group of nine (9) or more friends to join you at prom, and pay just $50 for a Dinner ticket or $35 for a General Admission ticket!


(Each group that includes more than one [1] Kroger Community Rewards household must select a Designated Group Purchaser to complete this form.)


<Click on the image to open its larger source file.>

The dinner menu above reflects the top choices (by simple majority) of our survey respondents.


When ticket sales close, we'll send you a link to a form on which you can indicate any food allergies.  Each Dinner attendee's full name is printed on a table tent, and we provide Marriott with a visual seating diagram complete with each Dinner attendee's full name, Table and Seat number, and allergies.  Marriott will do everything in their power to accommodate any special dietary needs.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. 


All attendees -- including General Admission ticket holders -- will have full access to unlimited tea, punch, lemonade, and water for the duration of the event and to cold snacks after dinner service. 


Each Dinner attendee must select an available seat from the seating chart.  You're free to swap your chosen seat at will for any other available seat up until two (2) weeks prior to the event.


Dinner attendees' portraiture backdrop and time slot will be assigned according to Table and Seat so that everyone sitting together will also move together and eat together to the extent possible.  (The hotel's dinner service staff will bring plates according to this schedule so that entrées will be hot.)


General Admission attendees will not have access to any of the chairs in the ballroom.  There is limited seating available in the foyer just outside of the ballroom.  (That foyer is part of the space reserved for this event and is also where portraits will be taken.) 


All attendees are entitled to one (1) professionally posed, lighted, and edited portrait captured against our themed backdrop.


Purchasers of the first 25 tickets sold on or before December 31st are entitled to an extra pose.


Each pose may feature up to two (2) subjects.  We encourage groups of friends to visit our photo booth.  (As a bonus, our table tents serve as souvenir frames for a 4" x 6" print of our photo booth image files!)


In addition, we'll have a roaming photographer capturing candid shots during dinner and dancing.  These photos will be shared with all in attendance.


NOTE: These will be high resolution digital files.  You'll receive a full copyright release, but you won't receive any physical prints.


We're in need of at least ten (10) chaperones from among our ticket buyers.


If you agree to assist with setup at the venue from 8am until 12pm that morning, you'll be admitted to the prom that evening -- and fed the same meal as the attendees -- completely FREE of charge.*


Confirmed chaperones who have fulfilled this requirement will be the ONLY adults permitted inside the ballroom!


There's a question on the checkout form that lets you indicate your interest in chaperoning.  We sincerely appreciate your consideration!


*If we sell out, chaperones won't be seated at a decorated table.




<Click on any image to open its larger source file.>




We've compiled real-world photos and explanations of several surprising examples of compliance vs non-compliance.


Compliance in Real Life

 Non-Compliance in Real Life 


Still have questions?  Email us or send a message to our Facebook Page!